Smooth or crisp waterfalls and other moving waters

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Re: Smooth or crisp waterfalls and other moving waters

Marek M wrote:

Which camp are you in?

Myself, very firmly, in "crisp" water camp.

I'm in the same camp. What I call "cotton candy water" isn't an effect I ever find myself going after. Some might find the effect to be "interesting," but to me it doesn't even look like water.

A photo is a capture of a *moment* in time; seeing the water crisply "frozen" in that moment looks like you captured moving water. But the "blur" effect of "cotton candy water" doesn't look like water, not even like moving water as it looks to the naked eye - it just looks like something draped, or maybe artificially inserted, over the background rocks or whatever, lacking any droplets or turbulence or detail which would show it to be chaotically moving liquid.

Just my $0.02

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