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Mark Ransom wrote:

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Mark Ransom wrote:

At this point I don't know if Microsoft's patents are an impediment anymore, but the industry moves slowly.

I would think that a patent covering the use of a long file name would be quite easily bustable, given that Microsoft wasn't the first to come up with it (as I remember it was Xerox PARC, like so many things. Apple ripped it off them and Microsoft was just following along), and any part of actually implementing that would likely come under 'prior art' or 'obvious to a practitioner in the field'. The problem is, though, however bustable the patent, most companies didn't fancy a legal wrangle with a company as powerful as Microsoft in it's pomp, even if they had a good case.

Plus, of course, there was a good contingent of programmers who though that long file names were a waste of time and space. After all, they were just there to make things easier for people, and what do people matter?

It wasn't the use of long file names that was patented, I'm sure Unix had that ability long before Microsoft created Windows. Rather it was the specific implementation of them on the FAT filesystem.

I did a bit of research about what it was that was patented, it was the algorithm to encode a long name as an 8.3 one. And they did sue a couple of times. Lost one, won one.

So your choice was to stick with the 8.3 naming convention, or develop a new filesystem that wasn't compatible with anybody else's.

Or take them on. Looks like a 50-50 chance.

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