Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

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Re: Unique qualities of paras

I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between soft and diffused.

I have a 32" softbox that has 2 layers of diffusion, a grid and a deflector plate. The softness is the same regardless of the mix of the options ? The biggest differences I see are:

- bare, no diffusion, no grid, no deflector

- bare with the deflector

- double diffused with grid

- double diffused no grid

Double diffused is the most flattering. I would normally say the softest. I guess this is the wrong terminology ? Adding the grid keeps the light off the background and adds some contrast to the subject.

What is the correct terminology for the differences I see ?

Softness is about shadow transition and diffusion is about skin texture ?  So for less than ideal skin, diffusion is the key ?

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