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Compete with phone computational imaging

To keep competition from phones from overwhelming the market, it would be nice to have these add-ons:

1. Panasonic also adopt hand-held hi-res.

2. Auto-image stacking and alignment for night shots with the ability to exclude frames with contamination and auto-manage ghosting of moving objects.

3. In-camera ability to create fake bokeh for when you don't have that expensive lens on your camera. I know, controversial, but yeah there are users that like such things.

4. Longer number of digits for file naming so it doesn't roll over in value so quickly when performing electronic shutter time-lapse.

5. As mentioned before, streamline the sharing to social media process by including in-camera 3rd party app support. Easier WiFi setup. Ability to upload without a phone dependency.

6. Further improve subject focus tracking and display what specifically is being locked onto when subject tracking (not just a large rectangle, but perhaps an eye indicator).

7. Intelligent focus tracking which allows auto-selection of the advanced focus tracking parameters depending on what is detected. i.e. Birds vs. sports, vehicles vs. animals, etc. Trying to guess this or remembering to change this is cumbersome when you are a generalist shooter.

8. Restore in-camera panorama stitching. Miss this the most.

9. Perhaps (though I have not thought this through) create a camera where all switches can have their operation defined by software rather than hard-set functions so that custom user modes can truly re-define the camera operation. The selection switch under the mode dial is one of those that I would rather have defined in custom mode rather than a mechanical selection. This means increasing the number of custom modes available.

With #9 make it easy to share these custom modes among users so that a pro can come up with settings that work well, and share/educate others on how to use them. XML formatted files with comment support would be wonderful.

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