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I don't care for my 18-55mm F2.8-4

I have been using the 18-55mm F2.8-4 on my X-E1 for a bit, its never wowed me.  I could easily say the least favorite fuji lens i have ever used.  I tend to be a prime shooter and it just doesnt compare.  Its great having OIS but the images lack the pop of any of the fuji primes.

On paper its an amazing kit lens, my photography focuses on portraits. I use the long end more then anything.  The bokeh quality is busy, the sharpness and contrast is meh.  I will admit, I have never looked at corner sharpness.

i picked up an X-H1 with 90mm F2 bundle on black friday, that lens blows my socks off.  Nearly anything i take a picture of wows me.  However, i often need and use the IBIS of my X-H1 to enjoy this 90mm Indoors without flash.  Coming from a sony A7R2 system that should speak volumes.

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