How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

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Re: How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

Kiwi Shutterbug wrote:

With due respect Jerry, if you read his full sentence he is merely stating his opinion "I just believe in the best tool for the job" which I fully agree with.

I don't think there's anything wrong with giving your own opinion and many people do that in this forum. Just this recent post, someone gives his opinion, do we need to apply the test of "fair amount of experience" with all other brands as well?

dpreview recommends Nikon as well for Action & Sports, re the staff who wrote this review below, does he have a "fair amount of experience" with all the 10 brands/systems?

Jerry-astro wrote:

KneeConWon wrote:

Btw I have nothing against Fuji cameras — I just purchased my first one! Waiting for it to arrive in the mail and looking forward to using it. I just believe in the best tool for the job. There's no place for emotion when it comes to that.

I would respectfully suggest that suggesting "the best tool for the job" requires sufficient experience and competency with both brands in order to make a fair comparison. As you know, the systems are very different, each with their own nuances and advantages. Any fair comparison will require a fair amount of experience with both systems.

Fair point, but I think there's no substitute for direct experience to back an opinion. Anyone can share an opinion here with or without experience, however, the ones that I give the most credibility to are those that not simply echoing what someone else is saying, but rather have been backed with direct experience. That's strictly my view... and there's nothing wrong with offering an opinion with or without personal experience here. However, it would certain impact the credibility of that opinion for me... YMMV.

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