How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

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Some things I noticed.

On the 50mm f2, if you wanted the whole image to be sharp (it seems that way), I'd shoot f8 or f11. You don't have enough depth of field at f4.

On the 18-135mm, it's not a particularly great performer at 135mm, which is its weakest FL.

On both:

The exposure seems too short and the dynamic range stunted from lack of light. If you're not familiar with ETTR, I would look into that. I can't really see anything in the blacks, while the max values in R, G, and B have a lot more room to go. The histograms as a result look very compressed.

The noise level on both also seems much higher than I am used to with my X-T3 (which kills detail), possibly related to the exposure.

There is no particular subject that is obvious in either image to develop a visual contrast that can aid in the perception of sharpness. This is probably the biggest issue I see, and it is not a technological one.

Personal note:

I have the 50mm f2, and it's pretty much sharp at anything you point it at if you use it well, at any reasonable setting.

I tried the 18-135mm and just can't seem to like the results, especially fully extended.

Default LR processing processing feels lackluster, if that's your go-to software. It is for me, but I also use the enhance details option on everything I output. Further I use the DeNoise AI program from Topaz Labs to deal with noise in a more nuanced fashion. Also the sharpening it provides is far more effective than LR.

I am also a really big fan of getting up close and getting a centered subject that is large, obvious, and clear.

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