Any rumours on d5600 replacement?

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Re: Any rumours on d5600 replacement?

PaulSnowcat wrote:

I own a D5500 now which is basically the same D5600, just wihtout BT and NFC which I don't care for.

And I agree - it's a great camera. BTW I can say the same, it produces same quality pictures, sometimes even better as a Full Frame Camera (Sony A7II in my case).

Yet it has it's limitations. Small VF, no electronic level, AF operates only till -1EV, only the cross type focus points are reliable of you use fast lenses, very slow LV AF, no different additional modes of AF, metering, shooting, e.t.c, e.t.c. It is a very good camera but it is rather primitive. I was happy to get back to normal ergonomics after SONY's ugliness but now I am starting to feel that I need more then just a basic camera as I used to top crops...

I also hoped to see D5700 soon, but as I realized WHAT I want from it, I understood that such an upgrade is already here and it is called D7500. So now I hope to sell my D5500 and get a new shiny D7500 for myself as a NY present "from me to me". I already checked it (along with 7200 and 500) in Nikon's office and I found that 7500 is an extremely comfortable camera that holds everything I need. Well, almost everything.

Personally, I'd get the Z50 rather than the D7500.  They're at a similar price point.  All you need is an FTZ adapter.

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