Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

Daft Punk wrote:

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Daft Punk wrote:

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The collapse in camera sales is proof you are wrong.

Low light, telephoto, Bokeh - all these supposed advantages of "proper" cameras are disappearing fast because of technology.

No they are disappearing because even in the digital age the skill and knowledge to be a competent photographer is hard and the vast majority of people do not have the time, resources or mental capabilities to learn it. All you need to know with a cell phone is what to point it at and to hit a single button and the they still struggle with that.

You completely and totally miss the point. I'm sorry, but this isnt really a matter of opinion but a matter of fact backed up with empirical evidence.

Phone tech will remove the need for skill and knowledge.

It is already doing it.

Just a few years ago, shooting in low light was only possible with the best of DSLR's and with some skill and knowledge about ISO, shutter speed and exposure.

NOW - people can shoot low light with a phone, with no skill at all, and get images like this:


Look at these images. They are from an iPhone 11 and they are better than a D300 Nikon of just a few years ago, let alone something like an early EOS 40d or similar.

Now imagine how much these phone images will improve in another 10. And then realise that you really, really will not need a FF camera or any skill to take images in low light, bright light, far away or fast moving. Tech will solve it all for you.

So in ten years my cell phone will have the AF capability to capture this image with enough IQ to print it 20x30. Look for the casual clueless shooter I have no doubt a cell phone will be more then enough but there are actual photographers who still care about taking images that go beyond what the vast majority need a camera for. BTW shot with a 5DMKIV with a 500 f/4 lens at ISO 3200 look if what you say does come true it would be great I could sell my 20,000.00 worth of gear and and spend a year in Africa shooting my cell phone.

Yes - some kind of phone or other small device with a small sensor will be able to take the same picture to the same or better quality 10 years from now. I would say it’s inevitable.

Not sure about 10 years but superzoom will eventually become the camera for most pros and enthusiast. With AI and computation one fixed lens camera will be good for everything. Cellphone will be good enough for others. This type of cameras will have internet other cellphone features .  They won’t' be small.

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