Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

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Re: Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

Travis Burnside wrote:

Nixon Glenn wrote:

Travis Burnside wrote:

For the life of me I can't figure out the point of putting diffusion in front of anything like a para or any other more specular source. The whole point is to have light rays travelling vaguely all in the same direction, and diffusion just undoes all that. You can have pretty "messy" light sources behind diffusion and it all comes out the same.

On the other hand, if you only want to lug one modifier around, I can see turning your specular source into a softbox-like thing for versatility.

The "versality" of para modifiers, we can have multiple options other than focused hard light

If you've ever shot with something like an extreme silver PLM (sadly no longer made) you understand that you can have focused but very soft light.

If you're talking about the traditional definition of hard vs soft light, that's determined by the modifier size in reference to the subject. That affects shadows. Specular vs diffused determines what's happening on the subject itself, mostly in surface detail and contrast.

I have the extreme silver plm.

I don't consider it "very" soft light, but less hard light (compared to bare head strobe) or more pleasant look

These the samples of extreme silver plm at about 80 inches/ 2 meters from the model.

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