Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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Re: Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

Astrotripper wrote:

First day of 2020.

Let's have some gearhead fun.

What do you wish would happen in Micro 4/3 world this year? What are you looking forward to?

Please post a comment to elaborate. The provided poll only has very general answers, just to categorize things.

Let's make it casual and positive

I want Olympus to provide firmware updates to the E-M1.2:

1) Add the MyMenu capability from the E-M1x.  And allow any menu item to be assigned to it.  I have a huge list of items I want to put there.

2) Increase the number of custom modes from 3 to 5 or more.  They don't have to be on the dial; the E-M5.3 implementation shows the way.

3) Save / Load settings to the memory card.

4) Let me assign a drive mode to bracketing, so assigning bracketing to a function button will change drive mode.

5) Eliminate the restriction on switching to MF if the function lever is assigned to two AF modes

6) Make changes to current AF target and mode sticky.  Currently, I have the home position assigned to C-AF, Cross AF target, center.  I have set the AF mode to S-AF, single AF target, two rows above center.  If I switch to home position, and then activate manual focus, I lose the S-AF settings.  But if I switch to the S-AF settings, I can switch to manual focus and back without it.  It's a nit I have to always be aware of.

7) Allow drive mode to be linked to AF mode, so I can switch between single shot S-AF and burst mode C-AF.  Scrolling through all of the options to change drive mode is too slow.

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