Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

Daft Punk wrote:

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Daft Punk wrote:

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Daft Punk wrote:

The collapse in camera sales is proof you are wrong.

You wrote the above comment in reply to yourself.


I think it is pretty obvious it was a reference to your post.

For clarity as to why I think you are wrong, I'm asserting that underestimating the pace of change in smartphones is why Canons profits have collapsed by 43% this last year.

The rise of computational photography is only going to make life harder for traditional camera companies. If they do not find a reason to exist where computational photography and connectivity will be key, they will just disappear like Kodak.

Will "proper cameras" and high end lenses have advantages over smartphones IF computational photography techniques are employed in the "proper cameras"? I suppose they would but to what effect or practical use?

It would be of little use. People are already using FF gear and only viewing online or on ipads/ TVs. This is literally a complete waste of resolution but people do not want to hear it and talk themselves into thinking they "need" A FF rig. Which is nonsense of course, but there we are.

Given that phones even now can produce images good enough to view on a 4k monitor - give it another 10 years and proper "cameras" will exist only on the fringes, like vinyl record players. Thats my take, anyway..

Oh and by the way - although I am pretty certain about the future of photography - I actually have a vinyl Hi Fi system and collect LP's. In terms of cameras, they are probably going the same way...

I'm already considered eccentric, my camera hobby will just add to my weirdness.

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