Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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I'm also a full frame user, but I have to admit, when portability is not an issue, let's say in a studio, there's no reason to choose ff over medium format. For portrait and indoor photography MF is superior to FF in all aspects. When MF prices will drop, most studio photographers will move to MF. And for outdoor photography where portability is important, m43 is superior to FF. In one backpack, for the same weight and volume to my 5DIV and one L lense, I can carry one olympus body with two pro grade lenses covering from 24 to 600 ff equivalent, something that can't be achieved with any ff and lens combo.

The FF hype only exists in the bubble of youtube and forums. FF will disappear as soon as MF prices will drop.

Or 35mm is the sweet spot between quality and portability, just a thought

Thats an old argument from the 60s when 6x6 cameras were massive and weighed like 10 pounds lol. 35mm became the standard back then and was known as a "compact" camera. These days, you can get MF digital cameras that are smaller and weigh less than DSLRs, so that argument is no longer valid and hasn't been for a at least a decade.

And FF mirroless cameras haven’t gotten smaller maybe it’s still valid just maybe if you actually think about it.

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