Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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Re: Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

Henry Stamm wrote:

Doom Scythe wrote:

More lenses please!

A 10-25mm or thereabouts with F2 would be great. The current Panasonic 10-25mm f1.7 is slightly too big to be called portable.

Isn't "portable" a feature dependent on individual assessments? I travel frequently with an Olympus 4/3 35-100mm f2 lens, including its tripod collar. Total weight is 3270 g (7.21 lb). It's one of my favorites and is a well used lens. From my perspective, the PL 10-25 f1.7 is fairly small (not tiny, but small) and weight a paltry 690 grams. The Olympus m4/3 45mm f1.2 at 410 grams is what I consider tiny.

Yes, it is all relative and dependent on your introduction to photography. For me, the PL 10-25 is plenty compact (and my new favourite lens), but I shot Canon EF in the past. For my wife, who only owned P&S and then moved on to the GF-2 + pancakes (20 f/1.7 + 14 f/2.8), it's monstrous.

It also, and yes this is sensitive, depends on your physique. I see people stating you need an E-M1 or G9 sized camera to use the 12-100 or 10-25. I have it mated to my GX8 (and before that EM-10 MkII) without a grip and could use those combinations all day with a Peak Design Leash. I suspect when I get older and if (when?) repetitive strain sets in, that won't be the case.

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