Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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Re: Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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DavidBrother wrote:

Smaller, weather-sealed AND stabilized primes.

10mm f1.8

17mm f1.8

25mm f1.8

Preferably with that focus clutch. Olympus has all the pieces, it only has to tie them together. I think panasonic could do it too.

Id love to see that 10mm F1.8 as well.

I am curious as to why lots of you are not happy with a 2 or 2.8/10mm . why do you need a larger aperture . it would make the lens bigger , more expensive.. what do you photograph to need that extra stop for such a wide angle ?

looking forward to a reply for those who do wish this big aperture

More for video and less about photography. I'm fine with F2.8 for photography. Hell, I'm getting by with f2.8 at the wide angle but it would be a nice addition. If be happy with an F2 as well. Not much difference between 2 and 1.8

Thank you for the quick reply . I thought who do video wanted a zoom (hence the pana 1.7/10-25)

a f 2,5 or f2.8 would be better at max aperture than a f1.8

I personally prefer primes over zooms. Its all up to the person of course. Based on other lenses a 10mm F2 or F1.8 should still be very small

how do you figure ? I hope you are not comparing with NON AF lens because it is a different story

and light compared to the 10-25 F1.7 beast of a lens. For me the reason for the wider aperture over F2.8 is low light. Ive got a set of primes at F1.4 that serve me very well for low light and Im able to do almost everything I need and keep ISO at 1600 or less. Ive got a Pani 8-18 but I cant really use it at night the way I would like. Its great during the day. My favorite lens is a 16mm F1.4. That tends to do most everything I need.

ok fair explanation. I still think m4/3 needs to have weather sealed lenses with normal apertures

Look at the Oly 12mm F2. That one is pretty compact compared to the Pani 12mm F1.4. Im no expert but Im just guessing a 10mm F2 wouldnt be far off from a 10mm F2.

??? I supposed there is a typo of some sort here

I think a 1.8/10mm would be much closer to the size of the 12 penny than the 12 oly

F1.8 version may be a tad larger of course but should still be reasonably sized.

one should hope . I am certain different people would have different ideas of what is a reasonable size based on all the comments I have read on this forum in the past

Weather sealing is nice. Im doing a lot more run and gun in nasty weather and ive really apreciated moving to weather sealed lenses on my G9.

yes Panasonic and olympus must stop reserve the weather sealing to the big and heavier lenses

Haha your absolutely right. Im coming from full frame down to M4/3 so pretty much anything around 300 grams or less for a lens is compact for me haha. It was a typo. What I meant to say is I think a 10mm F2 would only be just a tad bit larger than a 12mm F2. IMO the Oly 12mm F2 is pretty compact but thats all just personal opinion.

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