RF 24-105 Is this normal?

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Re: RF 24-105 Is this normal?


From looking at your 100% jpeg I'd say you've got a bad copy of the RF 24-105. The edges and corners are quite "soft", and not consistent with tests of the lens that have been shown on various sites.

In the 1 month I've had the EOS r and RF 24-105 I have not made many 24mm shots that are good candidates to show edge and corner sharpness. The following is the best real world shot I have so far, but it is at f/11. No sharpening or noise reduction on this sample. I think it looks fairly good.

I've had 2 copies of the RF 24-105 (the original and the latest ii model) on Canon 5D3 and 5D4. Both were good copies, but the RF version I have on the EOS R seems slightly better than either.

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