Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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Re: Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

Harold66 wrote:

jrharvey592 wrote:

I am curious as to why lots of you are not happy with a 2 or 2.8/10mm . why do you need a larger aperture . it would make the lens bigger , more expensive.. what do you photograph to need that extra stop for such a wide angle ?

looking forward to a reply for those who do wish this big aperture

More for video and less about photography. I'm fine with F2.8 for photography. Hell, I'm getting by with f2.8 at the wide angle but it would be a nice addition. If be happy with an F2 as well. Not much difference between 2 and 1.8

Thank you for the quick reply . I thought who do video wanted a zoom (hence the pana 1.7/10-25)

a f 2,5 or f2.8 would be better at max aperture than a f1.8

Assumes facts not in evidence.

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