Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Apple junk photos

ZX11 wrote:

maiaibing wrote:

ZX11 wrote:

More pictures were taken with Apple devices, sure. But mostly junk and basic forgettable snap shots.


As unsupportable as the Apple has taken more photos statement. Unknowable.

I cringe when I see people assuming that holding an expensive camera in their hands makes them superior photographers.

As for imagery quality and talent, we have no objective measure.

However my guess is there are many more talented Apple photographers than Canon photographers - simply because their numbers dwarf the number of Canon photographers with a factor that very safely can assessed to at least 50x.

And as the saying - quite correctly - goes: its the photographer, not the camera.

Agreed. It is the photographer, not the camera.

I don't think a talented photographer is sticking with an Apple iPhone. Not in a world where used cameras are cheap or free. Well within the cost range of a photographer who likes to take art photos and owns an iPhone. I gave away my Rebel T5i, 18-55mm STM, 55-250 STM, and a spare battery to the talented photographer you are talking about.

A camera comes attached to the cell phone people buy. A communication device that incidentally comes with a camera. Mostly junk photos because the camera just happens to be there to take that picture of a can of beets to be sure you have the can your wife wants. Pics of price tags, or a broken car part to show the car dealer. Full on shaky cam videos of the dog pooping to send to the dog owner for fun. Snap shots and junk. People count those pictures when they claim the shear numbers of photos Apple takes.

I doubt someone buys a Canon to use it to photograph grocery items or price tags. Hence, more art shots and non snap shots taken with Canon.

If the phone inspires the owner to get into taking artistic shots (flowers?), they will quickly look to acquiring a dedicated camera for more flexibility. If they don't care much for photos, they will be fine with using the phone. Hence, the non junk photo takers change to a better tool rather than sticking with using a phillips screwdriver on an allen head. The don't care junk photo photographers sticks with Apple and snap shots their way to pure bliss.

Should I have hauled my EOS R fifteen feet up a ladder for this junk photo/snap shot or used the right tool for the job? Hence my thought about mostly junk:

Sent to the owner so they get the right replacement part.

It's a kinda cool photo  anyway

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