Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Apple junk photos

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Nope. Still wrong.

Most DSLR are bought in Best Buy and then used to take pictures of the family. Snaps that no one other than the family care about. Not Art. Just momentos with bad composition and bad lighting.

People now learn that smartphones are not only more convenient but actually take BETTER pictures when the average Joe is using them.

Hence, Best Buy is cutting back on cameras and EBay is rammed with barely used DSLR you can buy for buttons.

Even by being on this website we are showing we are the 1% who give a damn. Everyone else just doesn't care about owning a camera.

imo anyway

A vast majority does not care about stereo and HT gear and the closest they get to that is a sound bar. Should I through my audio and HT gear in the trash now?

Virtually all audio gear I see in homes is really bad stuff. Some of my wealthy friends have nice home theater systems that they know nothing about but paid a high end installer to design and install. Technology really left audio quality behind.

So should I throw my audio gear in the trash can or not?

I have a feeling you are one of the few with great audio equipment.  There is some amazing audio gear out there for sure but I almost never see it or hear it and people I know don't really seem to mind bad audio quality they just want something that blasts. Audiophiles were always a small group though I suppose.

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