RF 24-105 Is this normal?

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jalywol Forum Pro • Posts: 10,084
Test chart:

Here's a link to a test chart page and instructions. You can download and print the chart, and then shoot it at various focal lengths.


This is a quick and simple way to see if your lens has any really obvious issues. I find it helpful to either verify what I think I see in the field with an iffy lens, or to figure out if it's something I am doing that's not necessarily a lens issue.  For instance: I verified a bad Panasonic 12-32mm ( it was decentered), and they replaced it.  New one was fine.  Similarly, I have a Canon M lens, 15-45mm that's new, but has one soft side, that I will send in for repair when I get around to it.  On the other hand, I have had a couple of lenses I was suspicious had a problem, but when I shot the chart with them, they were spot on, so it turned out it was something I was doing that was giving me not great results.  It's really a very helpful tool.

Give it a try, and see what you come up with.


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