Choosing between A6500, A6600 or A7iii

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Re: A6100 or A6600

PPierre wrote:

My opinion is you should go the A6100 way if you want to save money and get better AF, slightly better IQ (I'm not sure anyone can notice it), newer functionalities (eye-AF is one of them), or the A6600 way.

Regarding the A7III, it's a pretty nice camera (I own one), but it will sure not give you as good results as your A6000 with APS-C lenses. This means if you go that way, you have to change all your lenses. And the equivalent FF lenses of your APS-C kit are pretty expensive.

Personally, I think if I hadn't gone the FF way 3 years ago, I'd find myself buying the A6600 and 16-55f2.8 + 70-350 kit today : I tried them at Salon de la Photo in Paris last year, and they were awesome to use. The A6600 is almost as good in IQ as the A7III (if you don't print wallpapers), and the system has some pretty good lenses, including the fabulous trio of Sigma Arts (16,30 and 56, all f1.4), which is even more fabulous with the IBIS of the A6600.

How is it that the A6100 has slightly better IQ then his predecessor aka A6000 but can we really notice it? And the A6600 which has the same sensor as the A6100 is just as good in IQ as the A7III? (I disagree)

They both are 24MP i don't think wallpapers would be an issue here.

I think the A6400 is a way better option then the A6100 and a huge upgrade from the A6000, not direct in images quality but everything else is just better.

The step upwards would be a A7III with full frame glass but would he benefit from it or is APSC good enough?

That all being said, the A6600 is a beautiful small camera which has some advantages over the A6400 and even in size and functions over the A7III.

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