Was the new S mount really worth doing for Nikon

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Re: Was the new S mount really worth doing for Nikon

dellaaa wrote:

Not trolling, I have tons of AIS glass, I love and use my D800 professionally, maybe some resentment, but I'll propose it, was the new S mount really worth doing for Nikon? I'm thinking it was a mistake.

I own Sigma (DP1, SDQ and SD1) and Sigma will not continue producing new SA mount glass, rather focusing on the new Leica mount for all new lenses and bodies.

It seems Nikon hasn't made that decision. A new F mount SLR is in the works as well as new F lenses. IMHO, if I were Nikon, due to their size and limited resources, I would have put the F mount on the Z cameras. While the new S lenses are good, are they SO good as to outclass the F series? Nikon doesn't seem committed to the new mount as Sigma is to theirs.

Few companies have the pro base and F mount lenses out there is staggering. Nikon seems to want to continue to support this base, and well it should. To that end I believe Nikon sees the Z as secondary camera line, kind of like the ill fated Nikon 1. I don't think they take it seriously enough, probably because of their huge pro base.

Would it have been so terrible to build the Z with an F mount, are the images from the S lenses THAT good? I asked this same question before the new lenses were introduced, now that they are here, whats the verdict?

I guess I'm angry my AIS glass doesn't work as well on the Z's adapter as it does on my D800 (no f stop registration, stopped down focusing) and I see this as a bad move for a company that I want to see do well.

Ignorance can be bliss, it's rarely beneficial though!

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