Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

Droster wrote:

Depends on whether they can bridge the gap between the M and the RF.

The bulk of the camera buying universe buys crop sensor cameras. Full frame accounts for at best 10% each year.

Sony and Nikon's one-mount strategy they can use lenses interchangeably between crop and full frame. A budding photographer who picked up an a6400 can buy a 70-200 f2.8 early on before he/she earns enough to buy full frame, or a casual Z50 user can buy one of the upcoming 100-400 or 200-600 super telephotos for casual birding.

The EOS-M is doing very well, but it doesn't present Canon with the opportunity to upsell RF lenses to EOS-M users. A RF to EF-M adapter is going to be crucial here.

Buy EF lenses if you want to use the same lenses on both M and R cameras. An RF to EOS-M adapter is going to be impossible; the only way to interchange the RF and EOS-M glass between the two camera mounts would be an interchangeable mount something like a modern day Tamron Adaptall system. That's too clumsy for most people, and probably too expensive for people starting with the EOS-M system.  The one drawback for Canon would be that EF lenses, being adaptable to almost any mirrorless camera, don't lock you into the system in the way that EOS-M, G, L, RF and Z mount lenses do.

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