Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

Dexter75 wrote:

GrapeJam wrote:

MF has an unsolveable problem:

Weight and size.

The bigger the sensor, the more heat get put out during processing, thus you gotta make the body bigger for better heat dissipation.

Bigger sensor is also harder to stabilise, which is while the GFX 100 is around the same size of a 1DX.

And sure, some people are willing to carry that weight and size, but I think the current trend is smaller and more compact.

Technology is constantly improving. No one thought a MF camera the size and weight of the GFX 50s was even possible just a few years ago. Its smaller and lighter than a D850 and only slightly larger and heavier than an a7R III. So that's pretty much a non issue.

Tbf, the current mirrorless MFs arent true MF, the sensor is only around 50% bigger than full frame while true MF like the phase one is twice as bigger.

I'll be more excited when true MF 65mm sensor mirrorless cameras is around the same size as the 5D.

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