Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Let us go back and see what was predicted in 2008; this tells us something about our predictions now:

[Canon 50D review]: It appears that Canon has reached the limit of what is sensible, in terms of megapixels on an APS-C sensor. At a pixel density of 4.5 MP/cm² (40D: 3.1 MP/cm², 1Ds MkIII: 2.4 MP/cm²) the lens becomes the limiting factor. Even the sharpest primes at optimal apertures cannot (at least away from the center of the frame) satisfy the 15.1 megapixel sensors hunger for resolution. Considering the disadvantages that come with higher pixel densities such as diffraction issues, increased sensitivity towards camera shake, reduced dynamic range, reduced high ISO performance and the need to store, move and process larger amounts of data, one could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that at this point the megapixel race should probably stop. One consequence of this is that the 50% increase in pixel count over the 40D results in only a marginal amount of extra detail.

Do we really need more megapixel in this day and age of social media where the vast majority of photos are consumed on mobile device?

And sure, high megapixel cameras should exist, but they'll be niche product, I'd rather the EOS R mark 2 have the same 30mp pixel count with better DR and high ISO performance.

How much we need is a different question. I am fine with 30mp as well and have no interest in more. My point was that this review said that 15mp was the limit of APS-C, and now we know that this is not the case, even with the lenses which existed back then.

About noise - Sony uses a more advanced sensor architecture, which helps with very high ISO. They have a problem with long exposure noise however. Tonight I took a few images with SS of several seconds, and the R worked great. I will try longer exposures later.

BTW, DXO's Photo Lab has great "prime" NR. The colors are not so great though.

The article doesn't say their have reached the limit of what it was capable of, they said it reached the limit of what is SENSIBLE in terms of megapixels, big difference., They were 100% correct too. Can anyone tell the difference between a 15 megapixels image and a 24 megapixel image off the same APS-C camera? Nope. Hell, I just recently posted a few shots on IG I had taken with a 10 megapixel 40D. No one looking thru my IG could ever tell which photos were taken with the 40D and which were taken with the 24 megapixel 80D.

This was part of the reason for my thread on wanting the big 3 to go MF, 35mm digital has maxed its potential. Sure, you can keep packing more pixels on to its small sensor, but as you do, you make the actual pixels smaller which leads to more noise and other issues. Where you start seeing noticeable difference is a jump in sensor sizes. a 16 megapixel image from a M43 sensor camera looks different from a 16 megapixel image from a 35mm sensor. The same way a 50 megapixel image from a 35mm sensor camera will look different from a 50 megapixel image on a 6x6 sensor camera.

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