Old Fuji 16mp sensor vs 16mp m43 sensor in low light…

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Re: Old Fuji 16mp sensor vs 16mp m43 sensor in low light…

M_digicapt wrote:

viska wrote:

XE1 has first gen sensor and processor,AF isn't great but it still produces nice images.

XE2s and XT10 share gen 2 sensor and processor and 2.39 evf,the 10 has more magnificantion.The 10 has a movable lcd that comes in handy,I would get that one in front of a 16mp XE,if I was you.


How does the the X-T10 compares to X-E3 and X-T100? The open box X-E3 sell for about the same as the X-T10...

Many considered the 2nd-gen 16mp X-Trans sensor inferior to the original 16mp X-Trans (at least for skin tones.) This may have been due to the incorporation of phase-detect pixels.

The most up to date 4th-gen X-T30 has been on sale or cashback close to, and often below the cost of the 3rd-gen X-E3, and has several features which parallel microfourthirds systems: a 16mp "sportsfinder" mode with a crop-factor of x1.9 and 30fps electronic shutter; pro-capture, 4K PHOTO type constant shutter recording mode. The main improvements are AF and video, and the X-T30 may receive some of the extras currently only in the X-Pro3 as they have the same processor+sensor.

Some people prefer the images of the cheaper Bayer cameras, but they have weaker processors, different feature-sets, and cheaper construction. The X-A7 and perhaps X-T100 look like they're dabbling with more power, though.

The best X-trans camera for low-light thus far is the 3rd-gen X-H1 with IBIS, though the difference is slight.

1st-gen X-Pro1, X-E1, X100S

2nd-gen X-E2/S, X-T1, X-T10, X70, X100T

3rd-gen X-Pro2, X-T2, X-T20, X-E3, X-H1, X100F

4th-gen X-T3, X-T30, X-Pro3, X-H10???, X-E4???

5th-gen X-H2???

This site has good comparisons: https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/

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