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Re: Content-aware Grain tool?

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

JNR wrote:

chaimav wrote:

It's not content aware per se, it is more local exposure aware. It increases the grain in shadows and lowers/eliminates the grain in highlights.

Are there any technical explanations that explain the engineering?

I ask because it seems that camera body processing power and performance doesn't allow for such a two-step "awareness," but I'd be impressed to know about that.

As I look at my Acros 1600 ISO test images: OOC JPEG (set to No Added Grain), C1v12 Silver Rich - Intensity 45, Granularity 25, and C1v12 no grain setting... what I see in all of them is higher grain (and noise) in the shadows, less in the highlights - and a sense that none of these look much like what real film grain normally looks like - but least so with the OOC JPEG.

I do think the suggestion to use layers to properly craft the noise structure has merit... a lot of work for the small gain achieved in the majority of situations.

OOC JPEG (no grain added)

C1-Silver Rich

C1 - no grain filter

The default for Capture One processing adds a very small amount of Fine Grain at 3200, and increases at higher ISOs; so the default for these images would be no grain. I tend to agree that the no grain option looks best, the Silver Rich treatment looks like some of the real film output I have seen on paper, and the OOC JPEG looks like nothing I have ever seen other than digital toy filter effects. Not an awareness I find appealing.

Interesting, would you mind sharing the RAF from this? I don't normally add grain to my B&W, but I've been playing around with it a bit in LR and it actually doesn't look half bad. It would be nice to be able to directly compare with what you've come up with here with C1. The Jpeg is standard (no filters) OOC ACROS?


My preference would be to send it over privately, if that is OK. The image itself isn't anything ideal - or even sharp (I should have used a monopod). I just wanted to see how the grain structure compared in a varied highlight to shadow scene such as this.

Keep in mind, my standard OOC output is +1 sharpness, -2 NR - and that is reflected in the slightly higher contrast and sharpness of that image. For the C1 image, the only change from default was to lower Threshold from 1 to 0.6 - which is just a matter of how overly conservative that "1" threshold is by all accounts - for no good reason. By no means was I trying to get the most out of the image - just a standard output for grain comparison purposes only.

I should also mention that when I use the C1 grain filter - it almost always is the Soft Grain or the Fine Grain styles with a very light touch. I used Silver Rich for this to show more impact (essentially aiming for halfway toward the OOC Acros grain) - just as a matter of showing more effect. So, those who like a softer grain effect or a harder one also have those options. Hope that makes sense...

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