Sony A7RII and Techart AF adapter

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Re: Sony A7RII and Techart AF adapter

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Tomorrow my "new to me" A7RII arrives. The only native lens I have is the Sony FE 50mm f1.8 that is coming with the camera. I do already have the Sigma MC-11 SA adapter so I can use my better Sigma SA AF lenses on the A7RII. I also bought manual adapters off eBay for Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Contax G and Leica R lenses. Of all the lenses that I have I think my Contax G lenses will be as good as anything on the A7RII. If I find that to be true I then want to move to a Techart AF Contax G adapter. My question is about which model Techart adapter will work best or should I just forget the Techart AF adapter and stick with the manual focus Contax G adapter. Anyone out there using a Techart Contax G to Sony adapter? I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row for when the camera gets here. JohnW

You will need a G adapter in addition to (possibly) the Techart Pro. With the wider G lenses, some have gone to extreme length to make them edge to edge sharp, with the use of expensive Plano COnvex optics in the front and Kolari thin stack stacks. That's a lot of love!

I recommend you get the dumb cheap adapter first. Then evaluate. The Techart Pro is limited in that the helicoid is like 4mm, and only is effective or usable to me for 50mm or wider. For longer lenses you need to "aid so much" unless you shooting far away objects, and the weight cannot be much.

90% of the times, I have the manual adapter, not Techart.

This is not possible due to the narrow difference in focal length between m and g. No g to m adapters available!

Yes, good correction just in case it's confusing. The Pro is LM and the G is just for G. What I wanted to stress is to first buy and try fully manual focusing.

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