Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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My wishlist

Astrotripper wrote:

First day of 2020.

Let's have some gearhead fun.

What do you wish would happen in Micro 4/3 world this year? What are you looking forward to?

Please post a comment to elaborate. The provided poll only has very general answers, just to categorize things.

Let's make it casual and positive

- I want to see a new breed of M4/3 sensors with multi aspect ratio like the GH5s but more like 20-24 megapixels.

- Hopefully newer sensor tech that gains maybe a stop better in low light performance.

- I want to see that Mitakon 17mm F.95 that was teased.

- A GH6 with the above mentioned sensor tech

- Hand held high res modes in some more reasonable sized cameras

- Still waiting for something similar to HDR+ from the Pixel 4 trickle into M4/3. I think if anyone does it Olympus will.

- More colaboration from Panisonic and Olympus. Its sad that some features dont work when you swap lenses like dual IS.

- Im a panisonic guy but I want Olympus to blow us away with a stellar EM1-III

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