Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Canon needs to change before its too late

maiaibing wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Canon is still the leader in global camera sales, and by a ton.

Apple is by far the largest camera maker in the world. More pictures and film were taken with an Apple device in 2019 than taken with a Canon device in all the years Canon has existed... The same is true for pictures and films published and viewed.

Canon has become a marginal photo company only retaining a strong position in a niche imaging market space. Just because you have a special interest in this niche part of the market does not change the reality of the imaging market upheaval over the last decade.

Not sure what is the right analogy in the automotive industry but maybe that Toyota (as the largest passenger car seller) or Ford (as the largest best-selling passenger vehicle) out pace Testler, BMW, or some others but there is no question most drivers would prefer to own and drive those models. So it is with Canon, Sony, Nikon and others compared to taking photos with an iPhone.

It not the total miles driven but the quality of the ride for each and every mile driven.
Some goes for me with Cameras and photos. Quality and enjoyability matter more than volume.


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