Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

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Re: Deeppara90 "Parabolic reflector" and central focusing pole thoughts and mini review

I had low expectations going into this as pretty much all discussions on this reflector concluded it's "not a true parabola" - I think people were hung up on "parabolic" modifiers having to be perfect parabolas otherwise they're not useful, which, when you think more about parabolas, may not be useful for photography in their pure forms (I've read that the reflective lining in the Broncolor paras are intentionally not super reflective as this doesn't produce as nice an effect vs the slight irregularities in their version - maybe more specularity).

I'm also going to compare the 120cm octabox with the head reverse mounted and 2 layers of diffusion to see if the light is softer (it should be more even, I imagine), though the more I learn about modifiers, the more I agree with you and some teachers in that soft box light is too bland (mushier as you say), and punchier, contouring light gives you more options to practice lighting as an art (although, these guys also tend to use good looking women with skin and features that can take hard light sources).

Might also remove the deflector plate from a beauty dish and reverse mount a head and compare the output vs the deflector version.

I'm interested in combining key sources: saw one Karl Taylor video where he had a defocused Broncolor para 133 around 2 metres from a model, quite high at 45 degrees, and in front of it a smaller source (possibly a reflector with grid) aimed at her face and giving a "kick".

On the other hand, on reading more on this model, this reflector is advertised as a "parabolic softbox", not as a "parabolic refelctor " (my mistake in the original post), and the deep aspect (and "parabolic shape") is to theoretically aid it's use to direct light when used with the diffusion layers (which wouldn't make much sense), though why reverse mount the head as you do in a parabolic reflector? Anyway, the parabolic nature near the apex seems to give it qualities similar to the expensive models (whether this is intentional or not) once you modify the central rod and bring the light source closer to the focus point (something the manufacturer didn't intend, it seems).

I first started looking for such a modifier after viewing a few videos by Felix Kunze, who uses a deep softbox with a reversed head and two layers of diffusion, feathered only, resulting in very soft yet directional light that appears painterly. Very, very different to the edgy high fashion work of Karl Taylor, blasting 800ws strobes via para 133s directly at a model.

Maybe I can one day afford a £2000 para and I'll dust off the deeppara90 and compare them haha

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