Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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Re: Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

Astrotripper wrote:

Albert Valentino wrote:

Overall, I have all that I need. Sensor, and especially pixel density is more than enough for me. My EM1.2 should hold me for a very long time. My PL 8-18 and Oly 12-100 is really all I need 😃

As for lenses, the Oly 100-400 does peak my interest, especially since it will have dual stabilization. If it has good close focus, like 0.2x, that would make it very attractive since it could make a good flower, butterfly, dragonfly lens.

I got to shoot PanaLeica 100-400 for a few days and I absolutely loved its close focus capability. On paper it's supposedly worse than Olympus 75-300 and not much better than 100-300 (which I own) but in practice I found it quite a lot better.

Depends om which paper you read. The original Olympus 75-300 had very good close focus, but the current model 75-300 II is poor..PL 100-400 is very good.

Also, manufacturer specs are becoming very misleading and inconsistent. For example, the Oly 30mm macro is marketed on their website as having 2.5x mag while their older 60mm macro is marketed as 1x mag. But when you read the fine print you will see that 2.5x is FF equivalent so it is really 1.2x Mag. Strictly speaking mag is in relation to the sensor size so 1x means that you can fill the frame with a subject equal to the size of the sensor - True 1:1 reproduction. Stating mag for a completely different format is designed to confuse, especially when the manufacturer themself are not consistent with this spec. Sadly, we need to read the fine print 😠

Another trick, half truth, is the mag spec of the Oly 12-100, which is 0.3x. But that spec is for 12mm, while the spec for the long end is actually 0.2x. Wide angle closeups are tricking since one often casts a shadow over the subject when they get that close. See how DPR uses the 0.3x mag spec for this lens - personally I use the long end for so this is very misleading


So if Olympus could get similar close focusing in their 100-400, that would be sweet

That will make a big difference for me to consider investing in this lens. I want the mag to be a minimal of 0.2x

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