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Olympus to Revisit 'Premium' Lens Line

I'd like to see Olympus revisit their 'Premium' Lens Line:

  • Make the 12mm and 17mm perform better wide open, and at least as well as the 12-40 f/2.8 Pro from f/2.8 onward
  • Re-design the hood mounting for bayonet-mount hoods, and include a hood with the lens
  • Bring a revised 12mm in at a lower price - RRP for the current f/2 where I live is more than the 12-40mm f/2.8 which performs much better (from f/2.8 obviously) - about 75% of the price of the Pro zoom would be ok
  • Add an 8-or9mm rectilinear f/1.8 to the lineup

I'd also like to see a joint announcement from Olympus and Panasonic - a statement of intent to work more closely together to improve system compatibility. E.g. ensure lens functions from either manufacturer will work on each other's bodies.

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