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Re: Content-aware Grain tool?

Tom Schum wrote:

zurubi wrote:

A couple of websites that discussed the grain in Acros.

One other thing to try: increase your ISO to some insane value , say 6400 and above and watch the changes in the SOOC jpg. You might have to use an ND filter for that. The grain changes with ISO:’s-acros-film-simulation-mode

So the impression I have is that Acros applies grain to the image based on the content of that image and the ISO at which the image was taken. It is content-aware.

I wonder, are there any content-aware grain simulation tools out there on the internet that I can use in post processing? If anyone knows any please reply!

It seems to me this is the future of the grain filter/grain tool.

Nothing in either link provides any impression of content awareness. The only variable is the ISO setting. Also, Fujifilm also does not make such a claim in its promotional materials.

I ran a quick test of Acros OOC and Capture One v 12 with no grain and various applied grain structures (tabular, soft and hard) to see how they looked at moderate setting levels. To my eye, the C1 settings appeared considerably more film-like and pleasing than the mottling effect applied at the higher ISO values out of camera. I also noted that the impact was greater in shadow areas, as you would find in real monochrome films. The OOC version was heavier and more uniformly applied to light and shadow areas which looked considerably more digital to my eyes.

I'm very glad that Capture One allows the user to decide how to apply grain in one of the six structure classes, as well as intensity and granularity - or just allow the film-like X-trans noise structure to convey grain which is my preference in the majority of low light shooting instances. The extensive potential combinations allows for a significant range of grain effects. Still, that isn't content awareness, but it does allow the user to variously shape the impact accordingly.

Possibly, OOC Acros grain effect is much more pleasing at low ISOs, as that is the impression I get from some professional studio images I've seen posted. At high ISO, I'm not at all impressed.

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