Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

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Re: Will the coming decade be the decade of Canon?

Funny Valentine wrote:

I don't think so. Canon is willingly crippling it's own prosumers cameras to protect their pro lineup, so those who are serious about photography will eventually move to Fuji (medium format) for better image quality or Olympus (m43) for better portability. Full frame has no reason to exist these days, since it's a an in between format with a lot of compromises. People who want quality will go medium format. People who want portability will go m43. Full frame is bound to disappear.

As much as I love MF (even started a thread asking when the big 3 will put out a MF camera) there is ZERO chance either it or M43 become the standard. Saying that anyone serious about photography will move to Fuji is silly, there are thousand of us portrait photographers who shoot Canon that would never touch a Fuji or an Olympus. Those companies are much more likely to go out of business before masses switch over to them lol.

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