Multiple exposures 18 in total for long exposure effect

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Re: Multiple exposures 18 in total for long exposure effect

Greg7579 wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

creative edge wrote:

JimKasson wrote:


Wow, brilliant shot. Is this an automated feature on the Pentax...does it handle exposure too? Would be great if this could be done on the GFX100.

You can do it with the GFX 100 by using an intervalometer and merging with median blending in post.

I find doing it in camera to be much faster and gives the same result

It may be faster, but it does not give the same result as median blending.

I am fascinated by this and what a great image! You learn something every day here on this Board, and Jim forgot more yesterday than I'll ever know.

I am probably embarrassing myself here, but how does this remove the crowds? I of course understand merging and blending in PS, but not sure I understand the median blending. I guess I could study that in PS without asking here. And I guess I could Google the intervalometer instead of embarrassing myself here and admitting I don't know what one is.

I want to try this at night in SE Asia. Is there any other benefit to multiple shots here besides the removal of the crowds? How are the crowds removed?

Edit 2 minutes later: I just Googled Intervalometer and it said this on the first sentence:

"An Intervalometer is an important device that should be part of your camera gear. "

That's enough for me. I'm buying one. Which one do I get. Now … What does it do....

Google Google Google.... I'm Googling now.....

Happy New Year! I'm hung-over this morning. Big party last night in the condo.....

This article explains it Greg

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