Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

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Re: Future of Micro 4/3 - wishes for 2020

Harold66 wrote:

They won't be as tiny as the f/1.8s, and they wont be as good wide open as the f/1.2s,

I disagree with the second part. the 1.4 will be better at wide aperture than the 1.2 for simple optical reasons

I don't think the optical reasons are that simple. Olympus (or Sigma, or whoever the contracted) went to great lengths to achieve edge to edge performance with those lenses. When you consider the before the 'let's make an Otus' fashion started, 8 elements was usual for an f/14 or f/1.2, you can see how far they have gone. The Otus itself has 12 elements and the Sigma Art 13, so the Olympus with 17 is over the top even by those standards. I'm not proposing Otus style retrofocus lenses. I'm proposing more conventional double Gauss lenses. Maybe eight or nine elements including a bit of field flattening at the back. They won't be sharp at the corners wide open, though hopefully would be so by f/2.8. But good centre sharpness with high speed is a useful asset, given that with shallow DOF, the corners are quite unlikely to be in focus anyway.

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