M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Re: M4/3 reliable sports camera?

Retzius wrote:

Is there a reliable m4/3 sports camera? I currently shoot a 5div and get about 90-95% hit rate with 70-200 f2.8 and 400 f4. Looking at the em5iii and g9. Here are examples of what I shoot:

Mostly youth soccer. They move faster than you think 🤨

Sounds like you have a nice setup for action. 30MP & a couple of good lenses. I question whether you are serious.

90-95% hit rate!? I don't get that in a studio with still subjects and a tripod . Superficially, I'd say you need to better challenge yourself.

The only benefits you would get other than the obvious size & weight loss are IBIS, Pro Capture, faster burst rates.

At the shutter speeds necessary for soccer, I don't think IBIS will help but it has myriad other uses.

If used  properly, Pro Capture (please read about it) can dramatically reduce missed shots lost to pressing the shutter a half second too late. By pressing the shutter halfway it starts taking pictures. When you fully press the shutter it saves the last couple seconds of pictures to your SD card. If you take your finger off the shutter without fully pressing it, those shots are erased.

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