Anyone received their Peak Design Tripod

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Re: Anyone received their Peak Design Tripod

TravelMore wrote:

TravelMore wrote:

Shipping notice at last:

Great news, your Peak Design order is on the way!

Your order was shipped via FedEx Home Delivery, and is estimated to arrive December 30, 2019 - January 3, 2020.

Friday , 12/27/2019 2:00 am
Shipment information sent to FedExPackage loaded into trailer by shipper, awaiting pickup

Great news? I guess. Kind of a downer not getting it by Xmas. I know they didn't promote that but I had hopes. I guess I'm just not into the "kickstarter" thing too much.

The good news? It arrived today! The bad news? several of the accessories are not in the package and the package arrived looking like this.

Tape broken in 2 places on top, one on bottom. One lousy, stinking piece of tape supposed to hold the top closed, one to hold the bottom closed.

why is your box so big?

mine came in a box about the size of the tripod folded.

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