My review as an amateur user of the Nikon D800

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Re: My review as an amateur user of the Nikon D800

straitouttahell wrote:

Andreascy wrote:

straitouttahell wrote:

It's interesting that both you and the OP write about "high light recovery". With the "new" Nikon/Sony sensors, I find it easier to just underexpose and then recover the shadows. It's incredibile how much you can pull up from the shadows with little penalty of noise and colour loss.

Am I missing something?

The Fuji S5 real power is on highlights. You can overexposure an image and then is amazing how much you can recover back even comparing with newer sensor.

see my test in previous topic

I remember reading that post.

The results are interesting indeed, but I don't understand why I would bother to recover the highlights when I could underexpose by 2 or 3 stops and recover the shadows. The D610 is pretty good at it, as is the D800.

It's not a provocation, just plain curiosity.

I would say that Fuji S5 is a daytime camera. HIgh iso performance is really bad, and is a slow camera. Its a camera that cant compare with today cameras in speed, AF etc but there are some things that are making this camera special. The first is that is the only camera with a Fuji sensor that accepts nikon lenses. The other thing is the Fuji sensor and the beautiful colors OOC and the ability of this sensor to recover much highlights . So I have this camera not because of the highlight recover but for the sensor and the colors. For people like me that  shooting 99/100 in bright light, highlight recovery are more important . i dont mean that shadows recovery are non important , but for my type of photography is interesting to know that this camera can recover so much in highlights. About history .. this camera was intended for wedding photographers . taking metering the grooming black costume they could get the wife dress overexposed. and then they could bring back highlights very easily.

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