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Acros grain comparisons

Tom Schum wrote:

I need to try again at higher ISO, and see what happens to the Acros grain.

Here is a comparison between Acros, shot at ISO 5000, and the raw. I developed the raw using Fuji/Silkypix raw developer, then took the JPG into Photoshop Elements 2020 to add some grain.

The Photoshop Elements 2020 grain settings are: Filter > Texture > Grain, Regular Grain, intensity = 15, contrast = 50.

After doing this, the grain added was color, so I had to convert the image to monochrome: Enhance > Convert to Black and White. I selected the "Portrait" style. There is no selection for basic conversion. A "style" selection is required.

Comparison is between 100% crops and it shows that Acros grain has a different tonality than grain added with my grain tool. The Acros grain is able to disappear in highlights, while the added grain can't do that. The overall "punch" is better with Acros in my opinion.

Small image is the developed raw without added grain. The noise signature at ISO 5000 is not so pleasant (noise reduction is set to -4 in the camera but this might not pertain to the raw). Added grain helps a great deal, even if it is not Acros. The added grain obscures the mottling of the noise signature and gives the subjective appearance of more resolution and smoother textures.

1.4mb download, not compressed.

650kb download. Image from raw. Noise at ISO 5000 is less pleasant than with added grain.

Conclusion: At this point, I find Acros grain to be a little too small, seen well only at 100% view. My enjoyment of the grain would be better if I could see the grain when viewing the image normally, instead of at pixel level.

Finally, I went back to the X-T3 and re-processed the raw in-camera using monochrome emulation instead of Acros, and then I turned on Grain Effect to "WEAK":

762kb download. Raw developed in-camera using monochrome emulation and Grain = WEAK.

Again, not quite as punchy as real Acros grain, but not too bad. It might be slightly better than the grain I added in Photoshop Elements 2020.

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