Multiple exposures 18 in total for long exposure effect

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Re: Multiple exposures 18 in total for long exposure effect

super_claret wrote:

creative edge wrote:

I used to use in camera multiple exposures in camera with my D850 and recently found that the Pentax 645z is capable of multiple in camera exposures. Actually the D850 only goes up to 10 exposures where the Pentax goes way beyond the 10 max of the D850.
Here is one from my recent trip with the family to the Smoky Mountains. These image is of the musical fountain at Pigeon Forge.
Image taken with the 28-45, 18 images about 15 seconds apart in order to get rid of the crowds. It was extremely busy and crowded.

Wow, brilliant shot. Is this an automated feature on the Pentax...does it handle exposure too? Would be great if this could be done on the GFX100.

thank you, yes it is automated. You decide on the number of exposures the type of blending mode and the interval between shots. I would focus and set exposure with live view and then just trip the shutter. As soon as it was over, live view would come back on telling me it was complete. I like the Pentax implementation better than the Nikon version.

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