Is anyone using Luminosity Masks for tonal balancing?

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dynamic vs static luminance masks

Doing the tonal balancing with you raw file has a number of advantages over the classic luminosity (luminance) masking approach a la Tony Kuyper, Sean Bagshaw, Greg Benz, Jimmy McIntyre and others. Mark Galer shows this nicely in this video:

And you don't have think about making 16-bit integer precision masks by using the Calculations command because nowadays many raw converters operate with 32-bit floating point precision data.

Additionally, luma selections and masks are considered static, i.e. they are not parametric, so from the flexibility point of view I consider them inferior to things like Blend If (conditional blending). See Blake Rudis on this subject:

And here's how you do parametric masking in a free raw converter, darktable:

Very powerful stuff, considering you can combine colour channels (e.g. R/G/B, or Hue, or Saturation, etc.) with luminance data and with hand-drawn selections. The functionality has been there for over 6 years, and Lr, C1 or DxO have had to do some catching up in the recent years.

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