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chaimav wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

chaimav wrote:

Acros has its own unique grain effect that varies based on local exposure. It is different than the generic grain effect applied to other sims. It is only available in camera and cannot be disabled.

When I specifically want the grain effect but not the tonality of acros, I will edit the acros OOC jpg to my liking.

So, if I understand you correctly, my X-T3 in-camera grain effect setting has nothing to do with Acros grain. I should set grain effect to "off" if I am shooting Acros.

Yes, unless you want double grain effect.

And, Acros output is only real if I get the JPG from the camera.

Correct. AFAIK, all other acros sims just emulate the tonality but not the grain.

I need to experiment with this for a while, to better understand.

Have fun and post the results!

Thanks for posting that link!

Here are a couple of samples. You'll have to pixel peep to see the difference.

I shot in ISO Bracketing, set to 0, +1EV, -1EV. Camera set to Acros, grain effect turned off. Lens was Mitakon 35mm F0.95 set to F0.95, and the three ISOs that resulted were ISO 320 for the 0 EV shot, ISO 640 for the +1 EV shot, and ISO 160 for the -1 EV shot. That is, three raws and three JPGs were produced after one shutter click. HDR software is Photomatix Pro.

First one is a HDR generated from JPGs from my X-T3 (shooting in ISO bracketing). This is almost an 8 mb download after JPEG Mini:

JPGs from X-T3, 8mb download. Grain will be seen.

Second one is a HDR generated from JPGs that are developed from raws in the free Fuji/Silkypix raw developer. This is almost a 3 mb download after JPEG Mini:

JPGs from raw developer, 3mb download. No grain will be seen.

For this sample comparison, camera setting for grain effect was set to OFF. Grain seen is from Acros processing in the camera. The image developed from raw shows the tonality and not the grain.

I need to try again at higher ISO, and see what happens to the Acros grain.

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