90D for wildlife?

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Re: 90D for wildlife?

JackiePan wrote:

hi Austin,

I am new to wildlife and bird shoot, months back I got one Canon 600mm F4 II at good price from my friend, as he moved to SONY. Then I was thinking of getting one Canon body for it. I used to be Canon user, with 5D3 and couple of lens. After weeks search and homework, with my limited budget, 7D2, used 1dx, and 90D seemed to fill my requirements. I tried 7D2, very good AF performance, 65 points PDAF in OVF, however Image quality is not as I expected, poor dynamic range and high ISO is not good, maybe I was comparing with my current Sony A7R3, not fair with 7D2, it is good camera but I have to pass it just because its CMOS is as old as 70D. Then comes 1DX, except heavy body, I can't find any shortage on it. I almost pick up 1DX on eBay till someone posted some 90D bird image, which is amazing. I started to watch some YouTube 90D wildlife videos and some postings about 90d+600mm F4II, overall it is a very good combination. some people complains 90D eliminates shadow too much, or buffer is too small. I tried 90D at store, I think the buffer is good, as long as UHS-II card used, Choose C-RAW, it is fast enough for 56 Raws on time shoot, I think that is good enough for amateur like me. The only concern is that I also have 2.0 TC, after using 2.0 TC, the maximum aperture will be F8, and some people are saying the lens will hunt as only centre point supports AF @ F8. I need to test and find more on this, otherwise 90D is perfect for me. Light body, high pixel for cropping, 4k video, touch screen, etc.

I would like to hear what other's suggestion as well.



Glad you are happy and lucky enough to own a 600 II f4!!!!  Ditch the 2x tele for a 1.4 tele and make sure it is version III Good luck and happy shooting

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