E-M1.2 AF I blew some good shots w/AF . . .

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Re: E-M1.2 AF I blew some good shots w/AF . . .

doug wever wrote:

A couple weeks ago I got the E-M1.2 out of storage and I’m struggling w/12-100. I’ve not previously had this focus issue with 40-150 f/2.8. If it’s me be gentle. (I’ve tried repeatedly to 3.0 FW update but 64 bit Mac has said no so far). The first 2 shots represent a significant focus problem I had today up here in Alaska.

You definitely should get the 3.0 FW installed.

Not sure about your settings, but there are a few things to consider:

1. If you set Rls Priority to Off (default for S-AF, but On for C-AF) then the camera won't take the shot until the subject is in focus. If you set Rls Priority to Off for C-AF then it will wait to take the picture until focus is achieved. See Note (1) below for more on this.

2. If your subject is moving, then use C-AF. Set C-AF sensitivity to +2; this is the fastest response to a subject that is moving towards/away from you. I find the default value of 0 to be too slow if shooting wide open and the subject is moving toward me.

3. My standard configuration on the camera is to handle spontaneous shots. I use custom mode C1 to store these settings. I use custom mode C2 to store settings for flash photography, and custom mode C3 to store settings for sports/wildlife. I usually shoot in Aperture mode, with the settings recalled from C1 (I don't usually shoot from a custom mode; I use them to store the settings)

a. So I use back button focus for S-AF (mode S3) but shutter focus for C-AF (mode C2).

b. I also have the camera set to low speed continuous burst. Slow enough that I can get a single shot, but if I hold the shutter down I'll get more. That way, I can switch to C-AF and get several shots while tracking a moving subject. See Note (2) below for more on that.

c. I have my home position set to C-AF, Cross AF-Area, center position. I have the current AF values set to S-AF, small single point AF-Area, center position. I have the HP function assigned to the Fn1 button. A simple press of Fn1 will switch from S-AF to C-AF and I'm ready for moving subjects. This is preserved in the custom mode setting. Note that one can also set the function lever for this as well, but I don't use that setup. See Note (3) below for more on that.

That's the basic setup I use for my camera when I'm out and about. I switch to my flash setup in studio or when shooting events with flash. If I'm doing serious sports/wildlife shooting, I'll switch to my sports/wildlife settings. I really do wish Olympus had more modes, but these three are a good basis for my shooting.

NOTE 1: Olympus release priority is a bit different from some others (especially Nikon), because it is deactivated for back button focus. My S-AF shooting is usually back button focus, so it doesn't matter. For C-AF shooting, I want the picture taken as soon as I get focus, and I don't want to wait for my decision or wait for focus to update, so it's usually OFF. However, in high speed burst, focus is not updated, so I have it ON (or I could get a dozen shots that are all out of focus).

NOTE 2: There is another advantage to having low speed burst activated beyond the ability to shoot moving subjects at the flick of a button. I have bracketing assigned to a function button so I can switch it on/off and fire a single burst bracket. The HDR function will automatically switch to high rate burst mechanical shutter, but it's fixed at +/- 2 stops. I often want just one stop and I want to use electronic shutter for quiet operation. At any rate, I have both assigned to the front function buttons and can pick whichever I want.

NOTE 3: I don't use the function lever to switch focus modes for two reasons. One is that I do use exposure compensation in Manual mode, and switching the function lever gets me access to that adjustment. And, I also have MF assigned to a function button (with MF set to mode M1), along with Magnify. If the function lever is used, you cannot assign MF to a function button. Go figure. I assign MF to a function button (in my case, Fn2). I don't like MF Assist modes for several reasons; I prefer to switch to manual and use the Rec button to engage magnify and adjust focus as needed. Also, I can have peaking enabled full time without needing a function button to activate it. Mainly, however, I shoot a lot of Panoramas. So I have the MF set to Mode 1. Panorama workflow is to use S-AF to focus where I want, switch to MF to lock focus, scan the scene for the brightest exposure, use the AEL button to lock exposure, and then shoot the panorama.

If you switch to manual focus from the home position, it wipes the S-AF setting, so I switch to S-AF with Fn1 first, and then when I turn off MF I am back to S-AF.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to set up your E-M1.

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