90D for wildlife?

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Re: 90D for wildlife?

JackiePan wrote:

hi Austin,

I am new to wildlife and bird shoot, months back I got one Canon 600mm F4 II at good price from my friend, as he moved to SONY.

Wow, you've got the best!

Then I was thinking of getting one Canon body for it. I used to be Canon user, with 5D3 and couple of lens. After weeks search and homework, with my limited budget, 7D2, used 1dx, and 90D seemed to fill my requirements. I tried 7D2, very good AF performance, 65 points PDAF in OVF, however Image quality is not as I expected, poor dynamic range and high ISO is not good, maybe I was comparing with my current Sony A7R3, not fair with 7D2, it is good camera but I have to pass it just because its CMOS is as old as 70D.

Before you make a decision, try another 7DII body. There is some copy variation especially in ISO performance. For instance, my 7DII has clean images at ISO 1600 (and 3200 is easy to clean) which is enough for shooting wildlife, except at sunrise or sunset.

Then comes 1DX, except heavy body, I can't find any shortage on it.

If you have the 600 you can work with a 1DX because you have enough reach.

I almost pick up 1DX on eBay till someone posted some 90D bird image, which is amazing. I started to watch some YouTube 90D wildlife videos and some postings about 90d+600mm F4II, overall it is a very good combination. some people complains 90D eliminates shadow too much, or buffer is too small. I tried 90D at store, I think the buffer is good, as long as UHS-II card used, Choose C-RAW, it is fast enough for 56 Raws on time shoot, I think that is good enough for amateur like me.

Image Quality of the 90D is great. However, most 'complaints' are about the AF performance when shooting action. The buffer is not the problem. Many of us wildlife shooters use small bursts. That gives better tracking performance and you have the buffer in reserve in case something unique happens (less than once a year).

Always pick the largest RAW size as you have to crop a lot and need every pixel on target.

The only concern is that I also have 2.0 TC, after using 2.0 TC, the maximum aperture will be F8, and some people are saying the lens will hunt as only centre point supports AF @ F8. I need to test and find more on this, otherwise 90D is perfect for me. Light body, high pixel for cropping, 4k video, touch screen, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the 90D is a good camera. However, you already have the 600 prime. If I were you I would buy the 1DX (if possible a used Mk II, if you win the lottery the new Mk III). Then you can handle any situation for the next decade and have the best Image Quality. Size and weight of the body are not your first concern, the 600 prime is large and heavy anyway 

I would like to hear what other's suggestion as well.



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