How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

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Re: How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

agaoo wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

Was there a filter on the lens, and was this with the electronic shutter?

With mechanical shutter and no filter is on.

🤔 well, it seems unlikely that you only took the single surfer shot, were they all very soft like this one? Does your lens produce sharp results with static subjects? Nothing is particularly sharp in the surfer pic so it doesn’t really look like a simple case of missed focus, I wouldn’t have used that focus mode on my X-T2, but something should look sharp. Did you try other focus modes? Did you try with the OIS off? Do some troubleshooting yourself to try to eliminate some of the variables, the 18-135 isn’t really known for its razor sharpness, but in the center is should look way better than this. If all your images are soft, maybe your copy is a dud, it happens. At that range, and with that subject matter, you shouldn’t need some super specialized sports gear to get a decent result. I don’t use the X-T3, but I would use single point focus with a large enough box to get most of the surfer in, zone tends to focus quickly, but usually in the wrong place. And don’t use back button focus, follow the subject with the focus box and mash the shutter button down all the way without a half press,  AF-C mode, focus priority ON - I know the X-T3 is different, but the X-T2 works a million times better with this method and would never have missed focus in that situation. X-T3 users can help you better with specific focus modes, but for the snappiest AF with the X-T2 I’d use:

Custom AF-C setting #6: Tracking Sensitivity: 0, Speed Tracking Sensitivity: 2, Zone Area Switching: FRONT (CENTER might work better if the subject isn’t coming right at you), focus priority ON, shutter button mash, not half press and track first. Probably worth a try, Good luck.

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