How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

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Re: How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

Can you share with us the website that gave the glowing review? This article is from dpreview, not from me.

I'd rather get a system that is designed for sports/action so you can get those razor-sharp fast-action photos now without having to try this, try that, spend a lot of time months or years trying to gain experience or buying new lenses and the limitations are the body.

You may see some nice action shots, but maybe their keeper rate is 4 sharp photos out of 10, you want that to be higher.

Go to a shop and try out one of them, like the Nikon D500 and fast lens, only you can judge yourself and not regret later.

Being a Fuji forum, I expect a lot of unhappy replies to my comments, haha! Good luck!

agaoo wrote:

Kiwi Shutterbug wrote:

"I just bought Fujifilm X-T3 with 18-135mm and 50mm f/2 as I am expecting the system would give me razor-sharp sports photos."

1. You're going to be disappointed.

2. For razor-sharp sports AF, did you check out Nikon, Sony or Olympus?

Are you serious? I've read many reviews say X-T3 is one of the best cameras for sports photos.

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