How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

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Re: How can I achieve razor sharp sports photos with X-T3?

Kiwi Shutterbug wrote:

"I just bought Fujifilm X-T3 with 18-135mm and 50mm f/2 as I am expecting the system would give me razor-sharp sports photos."

1. You're going to be disappointed.

2. For razor-sharp sports AF, did you check out Nikon, Sony or Olympus?

I don't know that a test of any 50mm lenses was done for sports and action shooting for purposes of the DPreview recommendations (not likely), but I would be surprised if any competing 50mm lens would outperform the Fuji 50mm. Not that any of the 50mm lenses were designed for it, but the Fuji 50 has been really good at AF in difficult situations when I've asked for it.

The problem would apply even more so in regards to all of the 18-135 slower variable aperture lenses out there. These travel lenses are not designed for "razor-sharp sports photos." No matter how great the AF potential of a particular body, a lens that cannot begin to compete to those specifications (including the X-T3 or even the X-T2 for that matter) will fall short - particularly so at the long end when shot wide open. Guiding the OP to another brand solution in this instance is, well, misguided.

Understanding the right lens for a particular situation, or making the best use of the lenses at hand would be more helpful.

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